After Psycho Shower (2010~2013)


France, 2012, Triple Projection 16mm, Optical, B&W with Color filter set, 11min

I have been performing After Psycho Shower with a musician over the last three years. This performance had its origin in Hitchcock’s famous shower scene (Psycho, 1960) and Tony Wu's Psycho Shower (2001) print which I received as a gift.

In its first performance, there was no title. Since then, I used the title "After", inspired by many artistic practice such as Pablo Picasso, Pieter de Hooch, Malcolm Le Grice etc. We can easily categorize this work as a so-called "found footage" work, but I keep asking myself, "What is ‘found’, ‘what is ‘footage.'" Can a filmmaker really find a logical connection between the idea of "footage" and that of a strip, roll, or print? (Hollis Frampton's Meta-historic idea). What is the difference between splicing/cutting and projecting/looping or editing/printing and the idea of "footage?"

For three years, I couldn't find a proper answer from my performance activity, but I did develop some notions toward such an answer while defining those terms. Finally I decided to make a screening version to get away from this footage and find new questions. This work is an expression of my provisional conclusions which have emerged through the back-and-forth between performance space/locating and darkroom space/mapping.