This principle of improvisational performativity should be formulated as the disorganization of sound against the associational definition of (electronic) music, and it needs to be translated into audiovisual experiences.



film performance

Film Walk (2011~ )


Optical Sound Head


Film Strip



“A possible statement of this work will be ‘if you produce this kind of noise, you have only to mount a filmstrip on to the sound reader, instead of relying on the standard instruction of operating the projector, and to pull it out.’ This might sound meaningless now, but it can be a document of film’s history and materiality when the social memory of film will disappear someday.”

"We need rooms of various characters, including the inventory, the meeting place, the production studio, the theater, and the exhibition space, all of which are sometimes invisible but exist individually for the limitations and possibilities of film. These rooms are juxtaposed side by side (sometimes they need to be invisible or visualized), and are completely open to always being arranged in new ways."