Experimental Film & Video Monthly Screening

2008, 2009 until Feb 2010

indiespace, Independent Film House


When ‘indiespace’, first theater only dedicated to independent film in Seoul, open early 2008 originally located in Jungang Theater, they proposed to show experimental film as part of their regular series. They also collaborated few other organization to cover different genre such as documentary, animation etc.

This program was partially supported by CFMDC, Lightcone, Fedex, Yonsei University, Underground Art channel, Kyoto Seika University.



co-curated with George Clark

Tate Modern

The first survey in the UK of Korean artists’ films and videos attempts to unwrap the particularity of experimental film and artist moving-image making over five decades from 1960s until now. The series focus on the ways in which artists in South Korea have addressed the intrinsic conditions of cinema – namely duration and the collective viewing experience – and the changing social and political context that have defined the ways artists have been able to work.

This program was also supported by EXiS, LUX, Korean Cultural Center London.

Cinematic Divergence


co-curated with Oh, Junho

MMCA Seoul

Although the early cinema was not free from the charge of being indebted to the artistic neighbors, over the last century cinema could legitimately claim its originality and even disseminate its effects to its neighbor areas including dance, architecture, scenography, video art and music. This program particularly prepared for the opening of the National Museum of Contemporary ArtSeoul is focused on these effects from cinema to all over the arts.


<<Artist Film & Video Screening & Research Project>>
Special Screening and research project on idea of media art, video art, experimental film, moving image in Korea before 2000s. Below artists’s works shown as part of the program.

Wojciech Bruszewski, Tony Conrad, Jules Engel, Hollis Frampton, Luke Fowler, David Gatten, Beatrice Gibson, Will Hindle, Chuck Hudina, Owen Land, Howard Lester, Anne McGuire, Robert Nelson, Pat O’Neill, Walter Ruttmann, Michael Snow and more.

Screening program supported by Seoul Foundation for arts and culture & Korean Film Archive.

What’s Wrong with This Picture?


ilmin Museum of art &
Korean Film Archive

Nervous Magic Lantern

Ken & Flo Jacobs with Aki Onda

*Artist Talk with Ken Jacobs & Sound Workshop by Aki Onda.

This program was partially supported by Sound Live Tokyo.

Mullae Resonance Ⅴ


co-organized with Hong, Chulki

Mullae Art Space


OFFoff Ghent, Belgium 

Art Cinema OFFoff presents a unique screening of Asian experimental films in Belgium. In a two-part evening, the history of experimental film in Korea since the 1960s will be shown, alongside several contemporary creations from Asia. Together, the two programs explore the relations between the historical avant-garde and their lasting influences on contemporary work, despite important social and political changes. Next to specific works, there's attention for pioneering groups that make up the Korean underground. 

The Language of the Material by Mark Toscano’, ‘Toshio Matsumoto and Postwar Japan Moving Image by Hirofumi Sakamoto’, ‘Rewind/Remind: Filmmaking in Singapore during early-mid 20th century by Toh Hun Ping’, ‘A Brief History of Alternative Cinemas in America by Thomas Beard’, ‘Tracing the Rupture of the Avant-Garde Film Practices of the 1960s in Korea by Oh, Junho, ‘Toward and Archeology of European Experimental Film Programming by Xavier Garcia Bardon’, ‘Performing the Screening: On the Disappearance of the Projectionist by Erik Bullot’, ‘Curatorial Practice and Moving Image in China Since 1988 by Dong Bingfeng’, ‘Moving Image, Moving Histories: Building the M+ Moving Image Collection by Ulanda Blair’

Event supported by Art Council Korea, Art Sonje Center, EXiS.

Film Curatorship


Art Sonje Center

Regular Program Series.

Alan Courtis’s Performance on March 14, David Grubbs’s Lecture on March 28, Johann Lurf’s Screening on April 26, Aldo Tambellini Screening on May 24, Ulises Carrion’s Screening on June 21, Andrew V. Uroskie’s Lecture on September 14, Nobuhiro Aihara’s Screening on October 24, Peter Nestler’s <Wie macht man Glas? Part 1 & 2> on November 29, Thom Andersen & Noël Burch <Red Hollywood> on December 20.

Play for Today


Art Sonje Center

Commemorating ACC(Asia Culture Center)’s Cinematheque Opening

Exhibition, Screening, Conference, Performance

Cine Commune


co-curated with Kim, Jiha

Asia Culture Center