Nebula Rising Series #50-2 (2015)


Digital archive print, wood frame

35 2/5 × 23 3/5 in; 90 × 60 cm

The Nebula Rising series is about tensile strengths of base and thickness of emulsion of film material. In the history of artisanal cinema we increasingly find meaningful practices like the Schmelzdahin group in Germany; erosion and permeation of chemical agents such as potassium and sodium produce a relentless archaeological and alchemical object of visual reference. The visual textbook is profound; we can see cracked and reticulated patterns, separations and concretions like mud cracks and salt lakes, and old handmade paper from mulberry trees. But this is just one element of the massive undertaking of making film (though I do not wish to mystify the universal image of the filmmaker). It is however, more like the science of dust, the rule of all time-consuming acts, which I cannot stop pursuing.